After Easing Coronavirus Measures, Around 8700 Tourists Arrive in Croatia


As Poslovni Dnevnik writes on the 19th of May, 2020, during the first week of the easing of the measures to combat the spread of the new coronavirus, from May the 11th to the 17th, eVisitor registered about 8,700 tourist arrivals and 84.5 thousand overnight stays in Croatia, most of which (34 percent of them) were realised in private households.

Data from eVisitor shows a certain shift in tourist trends over the past week when compared to the time before the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic were put in place. For example, for the entire month of April this year, a total of 9,500 tourist arrivals and 392,000 overnight stays were recorded in Croatia.

Last week, according to data from eVisitor, most tourists in Croatia were domestic tourists, making up 74 percent of the total, followed by tourists from neighbouring Slovenia, making up 15 percent, and the rest came from countries.

In terms of counties, 18 percent of the total number of tourists came to destinations in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, then 15 percent went to Istria and 14 percent went to Zadar County, while 10 percent went to the capital – Zagreb.

The first set of data show that tourists, in contrast to the previous few weeks, stayed more frequently in commercial than in non-commercial , meaning that as many as 34 percent of them stayed in in households, followed by 26 percent who chose hotels, while 20 percent of the total number who came to Croatia last week stayed in non-commercial .

Responding to Hina’s inquiry, the CNTB has announced that campaigns for Croatian tourism are ready for foreign markets, which go in two directions – towards markets whose citizens are likely to be able and willing to visit Croatia, which are mostly neighbouring and closer countries (Slovenia, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, the Republic), and to other important markets, from which tourists (due to the situation caused by the coronavirus pandemic) will not be able to to Croatia in a rush (USA, China, South Korea and so on).

“Campaigns for neighbouring and closer markets, with direct call communication, will be activated on each market as soon as the clear conditions are met. On top of that, the preparation of a special online communication platform that will serve as a kind of communication ‘window’ not only for the CNTB but for all other stakeholders in the tourism industry in Croatia, who will be able to easily use it for their own promotion, is underway” stated the CNTB.

When asked if they will run a campaign for the domestic market as well, the CNTB says that they will, and that ”this is, if it can be called that, the third direction of the [aforementioned] campaign”.

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