Bozinovic: Third-County Nationals Banned from Entering EU until June 15


, May 14, 2020 – Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said on Thursday, talking about crossing borders and entering , that was following a recommendation by the Commission to extend the ban on third-country nationals entering the Union by 15 May, with some exceptions.

“Since the moment the relaxation of measures started, we have been speaking of recommendations because we think that citizens received enough information on the infection and how to protect themselves in the first stage. It is a fact that this helped us leave the first stage in a way that we minimised risks and damage, which allowed us to relax measures,” Bozinovic told a press conference.

Markotic: No employees of Zagreb’s Infectious Diseases Hospital had coronavirus infection

The head of Zagreb’s Fran Mihaljevic Infectious Diseases Hospital, Alemka Markotic, said that serological tests carried out to date among the hospital’s employees had shown that none of them had been infected with the novel coronavirus.

“We will do two tests, but the results to date have shown that none of the employees have antibodies, meaning they haven’t been infected with the virus,” she said.

She added that this spoke of exceptional professionalism in the work and behaviour of the hospital’s employees as they had carried out all protection measures while working with patients, and they had acted professionally in their private lives too.

Asked about the infection rate in the population, she said that there had not been many such studies yet, but that the rate in Germany and some countries that were very exposed was a maximum 15%.

“All those who tried to curb the infection with that model have a large number of infected persons and deaths, but the infection rate is not high. We don’t know if antibodies will protect against future infections. The real protection will be a vaccine,” Markotic underscored.


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