British Embassy in Zagreb Publishes Latest Foreign Office Travel Advice


March 23, 2020 – The Embassy in has published the latest advice in the light of border closures and coronavirus. 

The British Embassy in Zagreb has published the latest official travel advice for British nationals from the Foreign Office, which you can find below. 

The British Government strongly advises the immediate return to the UK of all British travellers overseas in these uncertain times of border closures and the spread of coronavirus. 

Although most flights have been grounded and there is a 30-day closure of EU borders, there ARE still flight options from Zagreb to London, due to the interim Brexit relationship with the EU. It is my understanding that there are flight options with both Airlines and British Airways, but please check with the airlines for the latest. For the latest travel update in these very uncertain times, here is today’s TCN overview. 

And now, to that Foreign Office advice:

Exceptional travel advisory notices
Return to the UK now if you’re travelling abroad

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) advises British people travelling abroad to return to the UK now, if commercial flights are still available. This advice was published on 23 March and takes effect immediately.

travel is becoming very limited as air routes close, land borders close and new restrictions are put in place that prevent flights from leaving.

If you’re travelling abroad, you should:

contact your airline or travel company now
keep up-to-date with our travel advice pages. We are updating information on returning from the country you’re in as quickly as we can

We are working with airlines to keep routes open, and calling for international action to to keep routes open to enable British people can return home on commercial flights. We are also working around the clock to support those British travellers who are already finding difficulties to come back to the UK.

Read the full advice on the FCO website. 

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