City Street Art Decorates Garage of City Center One in Split


September 14, 2020 – Colorful tones, graffiti, and murals have turned into a small outdoor stage in recent days, giving it a completely different and fresh look. And this, thanks to the City Center one project called ‘City Street Art’, which was designed to revive selected wall surfaces in the garages and at the entrances to the center, all to bring this kind of art closer to their visitors, reports Dalmatinski portal.

Street art has been attracting more and more attention in lately. One of the most deserving people for that is certainly Marko Boko, the organizer of the popular festival ‘Graffiti on the ’ (Grafiti na gradele), which is held every summer in on Brač. Wishing to enrich their spaces with color and interesting content in the form of murals and graffiti, City Center One Split invited the artists of the collective to help them with that. 

Thus, Lonac, Chez 186, and Sarme threw themselves into painting areas over 500 square meters, which were basic and white, and in addition to giving them a whole new dimension, visitors were able to witness the creative process live and get to know more about this form of creativity and art. Across five days, ingenious colorful street art and graffiti works were created, which will continue to beautify the surfaces of the Center.

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With the ‘City Street Art’ project, another curiosity is attached. Namely, as skateboarding is one of the street sports that is naturally associated with this street art, and Split doesn’t have an outdoor skateboard park, nor ramps, City Center one decided to donate a large skate ramp to the Split skateboard club Kolo, which the club will place outdoors of the Gripe Sports Center in Split.  In this way, they enabled the members of the club, as well as skates, BMX, and related enthusiasts to enjoy these sports without hindrance and try various tricks.

It is best to see for yourself the grandeur and uniqueness of these street works of art, and given that graffiti and murals are a fantastic background for photography, in an Instagram competition held from 14 to 23 September, City Center One will reward the most original works with unforgettable shopping.

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