Croatia Opens Borders for EU, Schengen Countries


June 30, 2020 – The news we’ve all been waiting for finally (at least partially) arrived today: the Civil Protection Headquarters officially decided that will open its borders for all EU and Schengen area passengers (EU/EEA citizens and permanent residents). 

It’s been months since things started changing on the Croatian borders (and elsewhere), but not one single day has been anticipated as this one has been during that whole period. The Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters have uploaded to their website their decision (this link opens a .pdf document) which states clearly that Croatian borders are still closed for all passengers, EXCEPT all EU-passport holders, as well as those whose countries belong to the Schengen area and associated countries. The decision clearly states that the exception for the EU/Schengen nationals includes the family members of those with the aforementioned passports. 

It also states that the third-country citizens that have permanent residence in the EU, based on the EU Directive 2003/109/EZ from November 2003, as well as any directive or national long-term visas are also exempt from the ban, i.e. are allowed to enter Croatia. 

All those aforementioned people who want to enter Croatia are instructed to announce their intention of entering Croatia at 

The decision also states that the third-country passengers with special status (such as medical workers, cross-border employees, transportation workers, and others) are also allowed into Croatia, but with possible conditions. The most interesting case mentioned in the exceptions is the fact that all third-country passengers can enter Croatia if they are here for tourism and any other , but they can be subject to special epidemiological measures. By the end of the day, we will almost certainly know more about the scope of those measures. 


The decision will take effect at midnight tonight, i.e. will be enforced as of July the 1st (it says in it that it is in place until July the 15th, and then another one will arrive – possibly just extending this one). 


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