Flights to Croatia: Air Serbia Stops Lines to Pula and Zadar, Sundair Cancels Brac Service


August 1, 2020 – The latest news from around ’s airports for flights to with updates from , Pula, and Brac.

Aviation reports that Serbian national airline Air Serbia no longer has direct flights from Belgrade to Pula and Zadar. 

The long-standing seasonal line between Belgrade and Pula should have resumed regular traffic from the beginning of July, but this did not happen. Three flights per week were announced, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while the planned fourth weekly flight (every Sunday) was previously canceled for the entire summer season.

Air Serbia planned to use an ATR 72-500 aircraft on the route, which has a capacity of 70 passengers in the fleet of this carrier.

The company established the Belgrade – Pula line in June 2014 and has been operating on this line regularly so far, but due to the specific situation this year, it decided not to launch it. All flights on this route have been withdrawn from sale for this year, so it is obvious that the company does not intend to operate between these two cities.

Recall that even during the outbreak of the pandemic, Air Serbia completely canceled the line to .

The Belgrade – Zadar line was launched in the summer of 2019 with two flights per week (Fridays and Sundays) and was announced for this summer season as well. Just as is the case with the line to Pula, the plan was to launch the line in early July, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, but that did not happen. The company no longer offers direct flights to Zadar.

Air Serbia currently operates to , Split and , but cancellations of certain departures on routes to Croatia (especially to ) are not uncommon.

Furthermore, Croatian Aviation reports that the company Sundair announced a regular line between Frankfurt and Brac from mid-July this year. However, there were no flights on this line.

The Frankfurt – Brac line was to be operated twice a week, every Monday and Friday, from July 17 this year until the end of October (October 23, 2020). This would give Brac its first route to Frankfurt, and in addition, a regular guest at this airport would be A319 aircraft.

The line has been completely canceled for this summer season, and since it is a regular charter, it can be assumed that agencies that sold holiday arrangements on Brac failed to achieve satisfactory sales.

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