National Parks

Did you know? 10% of Croatia is protected via 11 Nature Parks, 8 National Parks, and 2 Nature Reserves.

Although Croatia is not a big country, it features a diverse landscape that will blow your mind. The country offers tourists magnificent coastlines and beaches; it is also blessed with a wide range of lovely national parks that you can explore. The national parks are a great destination to go for outdoor lovers, photographers, and nature lovers looking for enchanting scenery and to explore unspoiled natural scenery and wildlife of the country. Some of the best national parks to visit are listed below.

National Park


National Park Plitvice can be found in the heart of central Croatia and it features a chain of 16 terraced lakes with majestic waterfalls that flows gracefully into a limestone canyon. The park is also surrounded by a wide range of hiking trails and walkways that go around the waters and offers picturesque views. There is also an electric boat that links the upper 12 lakes and 4 lower lakes. The park is among the best national parks in Croatia and it houses some of the rarest fauna and flora.

National Park


This park surrounds the Krka River and its riverbanks and waterfalls are a sight not to miss. The park houses more than 850 types of plant which grows and flourish in the wet and wild landscape. The highlight of the park is the Skrandinski Buk which is an enormous pool of water with stunning waterfalls that flows gently. The pool is picturesque as it is surrounded by a plethora of wildflowers and plants which complements the enchanting pool. You should also make sure you visit the Visovac island which looks like the Lake Bled in Slovenia and it features a stunning monastery that can be found on the small island in the middle of the lake.

National Park


This is a protected area in Croatia and it is popularly known for its two dolomite limestone canyons called Velika and Mala Paklenica. The park is among the oldest park in the country and it houses numerous karst rock formations with dense black-pine forests. For a thrilling adventure, you can hike the trail in the park that takes you the Vaganski peak which stands at 1757m. The best way to explore the park is to join a guided tour and stay at the numerous shelters and accommodations in the park.

National Park


This park is among the most mountainous and densely forested area in Croatia and it is just some miles from Rijeka. Most of the park features lush virgin forests with a little settlement. The park is a perfect destination to go for climbers, hikers, and trekkers. One of the best things to do here is to stroll around the circular walkway that passes through diverse vegetation. You can also join a wildlife watching tour in the national park.

National Park


This park is located in Mljet which is the southernmost and easternmost area of the larger Adriatic islands of the Dalmatia area. The park stretches over 5400 hectares of land and sea and it offers tours numerous cycling tracks, stunning coastline, ancient ruins, magnificent saltwater lakes, and shady walkways. You should also make sure you stroll along the shores of the two lakes which are shaded by stunning trees.

National Park

Kornati Islands

This park is often called the nautical paradise and it will surely leave your mind blown away. It is a unique park in the country and you can explore the numerous cliffs of the park by sailing around the mesmerizing islands of the park. Some of the best things to do here are to go swimming and snorkeling in the crystal clear sea, sunbathing on the sandy beaches or have lunch at the restaurant inside the park. You can also explore the marked hiking trails where you will enjoy stunning views of Kornati archipelago.

National Park


This park is located in the northern Adriatic Sea and it is a collection of 14 islands. This park is a great place to go for cycling as you will find bicycle trails that stretches over 13 miles. You are also going to find bicycle programs during April, May, October, and November. The park is also popular for its cruise tours and diving locations. You are going to find more than 700 types of vegetation and about 250 species of rare birds in this park which makes it a great spot for bird spotting activities.

National Park

Northern Velebit

Northern Velebit National Park can be found in the northern part of the majestic Velebit mountain range. The park is popularly known for its preserved biodiversity and pristine wilderness. You are going to find wide ranges of mountain trails that you can explore. The highlight is the Premuzic’s Trail which runs past the most magnificent and fascinating parts of the sanctuary. The trail also offers lovely views of the enormous Adriatic Sea and islands.