Nightlife in Croatia

Well-known tourist destination

With over 1000 islands, Croatia is a well-known tourist destination. Partygoers, backpackers, both young and old, all have one important question and key issue when visiting Croatia, and that is, what kind of this country has to offer. It is really hard to pick a few locations and decide which ones are worth your time. For the start, there are many places that you can go, such as cocktail bars, raves, discos and rock clubs. There’s a big difference in nightlife in winter and summer. Most visited cities in winter are Split, Rijeka, Zagreb, Zadar and Osijek, but when the summer comes, discos and clubs around the islands are literally exploding from the action. Each island or club has plenty to offer, but the decision comes down to your party style.

Electronic Festivals

Probably one of the most visited and famous locations is Zrće Beach, which stands as Ibiza of Croatia. Clubs in Zrće are located just right on the beach, for example, Papaya which is maybe one of if not the most famous club, capable of holding up to 5,000 people. Papaya is open from very early hours and if you want to see some big DJ names such as Armin Van Buuren and Fatboy Slim, be sure to check out this club. Zrće is a trademark for partying of the island Pag, and Pag is a great spot for festivals and parties. Croatia is quickly becoming a venue for European festivals, such as one of the most popular and biggest electronic festivals – Ultra Music Festival, and coming to a certain one, on the amazing cost of Adriatic, is a great experience.

The Sunny Island

Another interesting destination of Croatia’s coast is , nicknamed “The Sunny Island”. has always been a place to attract famous and rich ones. Celebrities like Tom Cruise, Bono, Beyonce are known for coming, so if they think it’s a cool place to hang out, you will like it too. It is estimated that every season, in all his glamour, attracts around 20,000 people each day in the height of the season. That’s a very interesting fact since is a small town. In the last couple of years, the popularity of had increased due to the quality of great summer clubs and bars. Places like Pink Champagne, Carpe Diem or Hula Hula will thrill your summer and quickly enough, you will come to the conclusion that you are in some of the greatest clubs and bars on the Adriatic side. The only negative side to are expensive prices, so if you are limited with budget your option would better be Pag.

One of the most beautiful beaches called Zlatni rat in Croatia is located at the southern part of Brač island. This place is also 3rd biggest island in the Adriatic Sea and is between Hvar and . Brač is very popular, especially among younger people, as you can find many pubs, clubs, night beach parties and cafes.

Visually Attractive Island

But if you wonder whats the hottest Croatian island currently, it has to be . Unlike most of the other island, this one is hyped. Obonjan is focused on yoga, different creative workshops, green living and many other interesting activities, so it’s not just for young travelers. Since this island does project that it’s not only about wild parties, it brings out a feeling that you came to a place where you can enjoy the fun that’s not dangerous. Obonjan is extremely visually attractive. A large number of young designers are coming from London to showcase their cutting edge work on the island.

Family vacation

If you are more of a quieter guest perfect option would be island. It’s laid back and not as loud as others. If you choose this island, you can expect relaxed fun, without parties dominating your entire holidays. is long around 22 kilometers and the best beach is Pudarica, not so far away from a place called Barbat. If you are coming as a family or with children this is a perfect destination.


I can’t forget to mention Split. It is also the second biggest city in Croatia. I think this destination is very interesting for any tourist, with its numerous shops, churches, hotels, restaurants, cafes and amazing complex looking like a magnificent fortress. At the center of it is Diocletian’s Palace which was built in the 4th century by the Roman emperor.


Through a couple of last years, Croatia has become probably one of the hotspot of destinations for summer, in the world. Nightlife in Croatia is great. Beer and other alcoholic drinks are cheap, music is ranging from rock, jazz, soul, Balkan music, electronic, pop and many more genres. On many occasions, Croatia hosts a large number of big music artists. Since there are countless parties and a big number of festivals, it’s no wonder that people are drawn to this location. If you search for a combination of great clubs, parties, charming cities with an interesting history and beautifully breathtaking nature, welcome yourself to Croatia.

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