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Valamar Riviera Achieved 33% of Last Year's Figures, Preserved All Jobs

[ad_1] October 31, 2020 - Croatia's largest tourism company Valamar Riviera achieved 33% of last year's figures

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RegioJet Trains Carried Over 60,000 Passengers Each Way on Prague-Rijeka Route

[ad_1] September 26, 2020 - The Prague-Rijeka route became RegioJet's most successful new line, carrying over

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Flights to Croatia: Windrose Reconnects Zagreb and Kyiv, KLM to Split and Zagreb in October

[ad_1] September 23, 2020 -

The latest news for flights to Croatia as Windrose reconnects Zagreb and

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Croatia Features on Safe Harbor TV Show as Safe and Desirable Nautical Destination

[ad_1] September 21, 2020 - Croatia features on Safe Harbor, a show on the Nautical Channel, as a safe and

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Never Watched Football at the Bottom of a Lake? Imotski. Sunday.

[ad_1] September 18, 2020 - What is the most unusual football match you have been to? Can you beat a game between

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'Thank You' Campaign Launched by the Croatian Tourist Board in 13 Foreign Markets

[ad_1] September 16, 2020 - A "Thank You" campaign launched by the Croatian Tourist Board will target 13 foreign

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A Day Trip to Biokovo, A Beautiful Nature Escape Above Makarska

[ad_1] September 16, 2020 - Besides the newly opened Skywalk, Biokovo Nature Park offers several reasons worth

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Hidden Dalmatia: Wild Rides on the Cetina River

[ad_1] September 2, 2020 – Filled with thrills, history, incredible nature and scenery, the Cetina river is the

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PHOTOS: Croatia's Incredible Culture And Nature - Romulić & Stojčić's New 'Interval' Exhibition

[ad_1] August 25, 2020 - The award-winning artistic photography duo showcase their work 2011 – 2019 for free at

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Huge Interest in Biokovo Skywalk, Online Tickets to be Introduced Next Year

[ad_1] August 12, 2020 -

Since the Biokovo Skywalk opening, Biokovo has become one of the most sought

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Croatia Wine: ”Every Visit Is A Voyage Of Discovery”

[ad_1] August 9, 2020 - Meet Marc Hough, a former international DJ who became a wine importer after visiting

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Conde Nast Traveler names Nugal and Zlatni Rat among best European beaches

[ad_1] ZAGREB, Aug 7, 2020 - The prestigious US Conde

Nast Traveler magazine has included the

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Valamar Hotels and Camps Currently Accommodating More Than 30,000 Guests

[ad_1] August 1, 2020 - During June and July, Valamar gradually opened 21 hotels and resorts and all 15 campsites

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Croatian Tourism Association Corona Tracker A Hit Among European Tourists

[ad_1] July 30, 2020 -

The website www.croatiacovid19.info, launched by the Croatian Tourism

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Cro Card Requested by 1675 Citizens So Far, Number of Discounts Growing

[ad_1] July 12, 2020 - 1,675 citizens have requested the Cro Card, and by July 10, 1,325 were issued. More are

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First Week of July Sees Rapid Tourism Growth in Dalmatia

[ad_1] July 9, 2020 -

In the first six months of 2020, 1.6 million tourists came to Croatia and

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All Makarska Riviera Beaches from Above: a Stunning 17-Video Collection

[ad_1] June 20, 2020 - As the Makarska Tourist Board director posts photos of beaches in Mozambique, a phenomenal

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Bura Wind Leaves Traces: Two Passengers On Destructive Wind This February

[ad_1] June 16, 2020 - Four months after terrifying bura wind blasted through Dalmatia at 270 km/h, TCN received a

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Tourists Returning to Croatian Coast, More and More Hotels Opening

[ad_1] June 14, 2020 -

Thanks to the extended weekend, tourist traffic has finally begun to pick up on

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Gari Cappelli: Croatia Can Expect Hungarian Tourists on Friday

[ad_1] June 11, 2020 - Gari Cappelli interviewed with RTL Danas in Pula on Wednesday about nautical tourism, and

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Makarska Promotes Mozambique as #CroatiaLongDistanceLove Goes Global

[ad_1] June 5, 2020 - Summer is coming in the Kingdom of Accidental Tourism. A very nice gesture from the Makarska

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Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board Begins Promotion in Europe with New Promo Video

[ad_1] May 26, 2020 - The Split-Dalmatia County Tourist Board is targeting the biggest European markets with a new

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Good News for Omis, Makarska, and Dubrovnik: FlixBus Returns to Southern Croatia

[ad_1] May 22, 2020 -

After the Croatian Civil Protection Headquarters relaxed coronavirus measures and

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Booking.com: 48% of Croats Want to Travel within Croatia, Apartments Most Popular

[ad_1] May 22, 2020 - Although travel plans are currently on hold, data collected by Booking.com reveals that this

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