TCN Launches Viber Community 'Total Croatia Travel INFO' for Latest Updates


May 19, 2020 – With so much confusion on the current situation, TCN launches a Viber community called Total INFO to keep people updated with the latest info. Join us!

My daughters are laughing at me again.

And I will confess I do look a little ridiculous.

And old. 


As the Kings of Accidental Tourism continue their strategy of waiting for tourism to happen, as our heroic minister spouts catching corona-era slogans such as Croatia Breathes Tourism, more and more people are getting confused by the lack of information officially. questions such as who can cross the border, what is the procedure, where to find information about bus travel etc. A million questions. 

Six days after the Deputy Minister of Tourism invited me to send the ministry questions so that a useful info page could be produced for tourists, I am still waiting for answers.

So, time for a change of course. I have spoken to various people who are connected to the latest information, and we have all the contact details of the relevant ministries. So we have decided to launch a Viber community, Total Croatia Travel INFO, where we will be posting the latest information that we have. 

We are also opening the group up to questions, so if you have any questions, you can post them in the group. If we know the answer, we will provide it to for you. If not, we will give you the contact details of the relevant ministry or official body you need to speak to. 

This idea all happened very quickly after Kreso Macan took me to the border on Sunday. 48 hours later, and I find myself in the Manjgura conference room with two VERY smart young interns learning how to build a Viber community.  

I am officially old, and I can see that I will be needing my daughters’ help a lot this summer. 

Join the group, help make the information better. The group is called Total Croatia Travel INFO and it was created this morning, and it is still waiting for Verified Account status. But you can find an invitation to the group here. 

This is the first step in the Battle of Big Data and Technology v Uhljebistan. 

Thanks for your support. Together we can make Croatia a better place.


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