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Things to do in Croatia

CroatiaTrip offers the best travel tips and information about Croatia.
So get ready to explore Croatia and its cities, islands, beaches and mountains.

“Pirate tour“ – Tour of town
Tour of town of Omiš, whose inhabitants were famous pirates, and visit of Mirabela Fortress. On this tour you will discover an interesting history of the town of Omiš and its inhabitants who were pirates in the most glorious period of the history of the town. You’ll see the house of the happy man, enjoy the ice-cream which will be paid by us and take a walk in the shoes of the pirates of Omiš on Mirabela fortress.
Canyoning advanced on Cetina
The advance level of canyoning includes all the fun and excitement the basic level provides and adds a lot more! Adventures such as abseiling (with rope) down a 60-meter-high waterfall Gubavica, and abseil down a 25-meter-high cliff and lots of cliff jumps.
Kayaking and Snorkeling
If you are looking for a relaxing trip, full of fun and relaxation, kayaking is the perfect choice for you. Our kayaking tour starts 5 miles upstream from the city of Omiš where your kayaks and your guide will be waiting for you. After just a short briefing on kayaking and the river Cetina, your journey begins! As you slowly continue down the river you will find that it is full of mystery and won't be able to resist taking a dip in its refreshing water.
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